Advertising Work

Brand Naming

Devised name and bottle copy for Wild Turkey's new line of spiced whiskey.  

Researched Native Content

Researched, wrote, fact-checked, and sourced for Spotify's music documentary series "Music Happens Here."

Music Happens Here

Branded Content

Experienced in creating a wide variety of content tailored to specific brands.

Web Copy

Created case studies to showcase a company’s brand work.  

Targeted Dynamic Ads

Created and wrote multiple targeted versions of dynamic product ads for paid social campaigns using deployed learning based on social data utilizing Facebook Pixel.  

Email Marketing

Wrote a series of targeted emails for fitness brand TRX to promote their product to several key end user groups.

Pitches, Presentations, and Researched Analysis

Years of experience in research analysis and delivering brand insights to drive the creative process forward.  

Creative Resource Management

Created dynamic and linked series of google sheets and excel documents to organize creative department teams’ members across multiple projects at a time; and acted as a liaison between these projects and departments.  

Social Media

Created and managed seasonally sensitive social media copy for Redbox and other clients.

Experienced in writing branded social cop